B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan

Learn about how to get involved and the services and programs you can access in B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan.

Get Involved

Home Energy Efficiency Rebates

Did you know you can receive rebates on insulation, ventilation, and space and water heating upgrades to your home?

Home Efficiency Programs & Tips

Get tips on saving electricity, lowering your bills and making your home more energy eicient.

Income-Qualified Support

If you are an income-qualified residential customer, you can improve your home’s comfort and efficiency for free.

Community Energy Leadership Program

Support for local governments and First Nations to invest in energy efficiency and clean energy projects.

Climate Action Toolkit

Information on community climate action and clean-energy best practices, funding, training, planning and policy development.

Retooling for Climate Change

Tools and resources for local governments, First Nations, and the natural resource sectors to prepare for the impacts of climate change

Join a Car Sharing Organization

Car-sharing allows you to save the expense of owning and maintaining your own vehicle.

Buy a Clean Energy Vehicle

Learn about point-of-sale incentives available through the CEV Program.

Scrap Your Gas Guzzler

The SCRAP-IT Program is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by getting older vehicles off the road.




Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) represents an incredible opportunity for B.C. to help the world reduce emissions while growing B.C.’s clean economy.

To learn more go to LNGinBC.ca.



LNG's Role in Climate Leadership

BC is an internationally recognized climate-action leader, with guidelines that benefit the environment and the economy.


B.C.’s LNG Facilities will be the Cleanest in the World

The provincial government introduced the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting & Control Act to ensure B.C. has the cleanest LNG facilities in the world. The centrepiece of the act is a greenhouse gas emissions intensity benchmark.

Natural Gas is the World’s Cleanest Fossil Fuel

Natural gas is a fossil fuel. Like all fossil fuels, it generates carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, a type of greenhouse gas. Natural gas is the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels and is a cleaner alternative to other energy sources like coal.

Strengthening our Natural Assets

Committing to 100% clean or renewable electricity, with exceptions for reliability or cost.

Supplying Clean Energy

Ensuring we are one of the cleanest producers of LNG by powering projects with clean electricity and launching a strategy to reduce methane emissions by 45%.