100% Clean Electricity


B.C.’s clean electricity is activating numerous opportunities to reduce emissions across our industrial sectors. When an industry switches to electricity instead of fossil fuels, their emissions go down.

B.C.’s electricity is already 98% clean or renewable. Going forward under our Climate Leadership Plan, 100% of the supply of electricity acquired by BC Hydro for the integrated grid must be from clean or renewable sources, except where concerns regarding reliability or costs must be addressed.

This will help reduce industrial emissions, grow B.C.’s clean economy and create green jobs. B.C.’s clean energy producers have reported investment of more than $6 billion in First Nations and local economies, and this growing sector is creating thousands of jobs throughout the north and interior regions. Hydroelectric projects like Site C make even more clean electricity available, ensuring a continued supply of clean energy to power our economy.

The Province is also working with Alberta to investigate greater integration of our power systems, so that B.C.’s clean electricity could help Alberta’s industries reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Learn more about how B.C. is capturing the benefits of our clean electricity by reading the Climate Leadership Plan.

Read BC’s Climate Leadership Plan [PDF]