68,000+ Green Jobs


B.C.’s is seizing the opportunity of a low carbon economy. We are reducing emissions, while growing our clean economy and creating green jobs.

The West Coast Clean Economy: 2010-2014 Jobs Update showed that B.C. had 68,165 clean economy jobs as of 2014, a 12.5% increase since 2010. The report also found that B.C.’s clean economy GDP rose to $6.31 billion in 2014, a 19.3% increase from 2010. Now, the Climate Leadership Plan will lead to the creation of up to 66,000 jobs over the next ten years.

B.C. has also become known as hub for clean tech innovation – there are now around 200 firms in the province, generating $1.7 billion in revenue.

This shift towards a clean economy has been driven by the work of B.C. businesses and citizens in partnership with all levels of government. Many elements of B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan have helped drive the growth of our clean economy, such as:

  • B.C.’s revenue-neutral carbon tax that encourages businesses to improve their environmental performance, while allowing government to reduce taxes on jobs and income. It has also unlocked financing for investments in clean tech innovation.
  • B.C.’s Innovative Clean Energy Fund that has been used to invest in clean tech research and demonstration projects across the province.
  • Amending regulations to require businesses to become more energy efficient, and showing a path forward through our Carbon Neutral Government Regulation.
  • Working to become a supplier of clean natural gas to global markets like China that currently rely on thermal coal for electricity generation.

To learn about the wide range actions B.C. is taking to support the growth of green jobs,

Learn more about how green skills training is driving the growth of our clean economy by reading the Climate Leadership Plan.

Read BC’s Climate Leadership Plan [PDF]