Cleaning-up Waste Collection in Surrey


In 2012, the City of Surrey mandated that its waste collection services be carried out using compressed natural gas vehicles. As a result, the city’s contractor, Progressive Waste Solutions (PWS), launched a state-of-the-art the-art CNG fleet for waste collection in Surrey, helping reduce emissions while diverting waste from landfills.

These trucks emit 23 per cent less carbon emissions and 90 per cent less air particulates compared to diesel trucks. The city is also developing the first fully integrated organic waste biogas processing facility in North America that
will be completed in 2017.

The facility will turn organic waste collected at curbside into biogas and nutrient rich compost. The biogas will in turn be used to fuel the waste collection fleet, while the compost will be used by local farmers to produce fruits
and vegetables. It is another step Surrey is taking to close the loop and become a zerowaste city.

Read BC’s Climate Leadership Plan [PDF]