Climate Action Toolkit


This resource for local governments provides an abundance of information on community climate action and clean-energy best practices, funding, training, planning and policy development.

A living site, the BC Climate Action Toolkit will grow and change with users’ needs and feedback. The toolkit’s goal is to inspire action in BC’s diverse local governments to rapidly advance deep emission reductions in corporate operations and community-wide activity. Through the Climate Action Charter and a wide range of actions on the ground, BC local governments have already taken action and the Toolkit provides an opportunity to benefit from lessons learned. It draws on a wealth of relevant, topical resources available to local BC governments.

This Climate Action Toolkit is provided by a three-way partnership between the Green Communities Committee (with representatives from the Province and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities) and Smart Planning for Communities, a program of the Fraser Basin Council.

The Toolkit provides BC communities with the latest news, best practices and practical advice to help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement their Climate Action Charter commitments. The Toolkit also provides guidance and resources to support local governments to take a more integrated approach to planning that will lead to more resilient, complete, compact and livable communities.

Find out more at: BC Climate Action Toolkit

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Read BC’s Climate Leadership Plan [PDF]