Green Skills Training


B.C. is seizing the opportunity of a low carbon economy that will reduce emissions while creating jobs and making us more competitive globally.

To secure that opportunity, we need a skilled workforce that understands how to do things cleaner and greener. Through B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan, and other related programs, workers in B.C. can access programs to learn green skills and prepare to work in clean industries, including:

  • Training programs on passive house design, to help architects, builders and building inspectors learn about innovations in green building design.
  • Trades training and apprenticeship programs to help workers learn the skills necessary to work in traditional industries that are working to lower their environmental impact, such as forestry and natural gas.
  • Encouraging Indigenous communities to take advantage of B.C.’s growing clean energy sector through the British Columbia First Nations Clean Energy Toolkit, a step-by-step guide for developing a clean energy project.
  • Using B.C.’s Innovative Clean Energy Fund to fund research in clean energy science and technology projects undertaken by post-secondary institutions in B.C.
  • Helping workers access skills training and employment opportunities through the WorkB.C. initiative.

Learn more about how green skills training is driving the growth of our clean economy by reading the Climate Leadership Plan.

Read BC’s Climate Leadership Plan [PDF]