Innovation Hub


Innovation is key in the fight against climate change – to mitigate its impacts, we need to find smarter, cleaner and more efficient ways of doing things.

Today, B.C.’s clean tech industry is one of the most vibrant clusters in North America. Our network of universities, research labs and non-government organizations provide the infrastructure necessary for sustainable technologies to be developed. Our leadership on climate action policy has made us a model for other jurisdictions. That is why B.C is known around the world as a hub for innovation.

B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan includes a number of initiatives to continue fostering innovation, including:

  • Our revenue-neutral carbon tax that is driving investments in clean tech, while providing a model for the world on carbon pricing policy.
  • Creating and amending a wide range of regulations to encourage and incentivize B.C.’s foundational industries to develop innovative solutions that improve their environmental performance.
  • The Innovative Clean Energy Fund that the Province has used to support 62 clean tech research and demonstration projects since 2008.

To learn more about how B.C. is fostering innovation, read the Climate Leadership Plan.

Read BC’s Climate Leadership Plan [PDF]