Policy Leadership


British Columbians are proud to be leaders in the fight against climate change. As a province, we continue to demonstrate what real sustainability looks like – we are growing our economy while reducing emissions.

B.C.’s leadership on climate policy is showing the world a path forward. When we prove that innovative climate policies work, we help set the stage for global emissions reductions.

A great example of our policy leadership is B.C.’s carbon tax – it is the highest and most comprehensive in North America, and the world’s first revenue-neutral carbon tax.

Recently, the Canadian government announced that all provinces and territories must implement a carbon pricing mechanism by 2018. British Columbians can be proud that B.C.’s revenue-neutral carbon tax is widely considered a model to follow.

B.C.’s carbon tax hasIt has been profiled in the Economist, the New York Times and the LA Times as a leading environmental policy. The United Nations recently hailed our carbon tax “an example worldwide for innovative carbon pricing.” And World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has praised B.C.’s carbon tax as “one of the most powerful” examples of carbon pricing.

B.C. is also an active participant in a number of initiatives to align our climate action goals with our neighbours within Canada and internationally, including:

  • • The Vancouver Declaration on Clean Growth and Climate Change
  • The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition
  • Under 2 MOU (Subnational Global Climate Leadership Memorandum of Understanding)
  • Pacific Coast Collaborative Climate Leadership Action Plan
  • RegionsAdapt Initiative
  • International Zero-Emissions Vehicle Alliance

As part of our continued commitment to policy leadership, the Province is currently working with the federal government and our provincial and territorial partners on a Pan-Canadian Framework on climate action.

As work on the Framework progresses, B.C. will continue to update our Climate Leadership Plan to address further areas where innovative policies can be implemented to drive climate action.

To learn more about B.C.’s leadership on climate policy, read the Climate Leadership Plan.

Read BC’s Climate Leadership Plan [PDF]