Renewable Energy is Creating Jobs


British Columbia’s clean energy producers have reported investment of more than $6 billion in First Nations communities and local economies, while fighting climate change and creating thousands of jobs throughout the north and interior regions.

This growing sector has to date supported 15,970 direct, full-time equivalent (FTE) person years of construction employment in every region of the province, with another 4,543 FTE person years of employment projected for forthcoming projects. Furthermore, renewable power companies now employ 641 people in operational roles around the province, and new projects now under construction will support an additional 165 positions once completed.

About 25 per cent of BC Hydro’s energy supply now comes from independent power producers. The Province is also working with our neighbours in Alberta to investigate the opportunity for greater integration of our power systems, which would allow British Columbia to deliver more clean electricity to Alberta to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels to power industrial processes, thereby reducing their climate impact. British Columbia is truly demonstrating the business opportunity of renewable energy, while lowering our impact on the environment in the process.

Read BC’s Climate Leadership Plan [PDF]