Leading by Example & Creating Green Jobs at Home

Read BC’s Climate Leadership Plan [PDF]

Green Skills Training

Training a cleaner and greener workforce.

Clean Energy Vehicles

Driving the adoption of clean energy vehicles.

68,000+ Green Jobs

Growing our clean economy to create green jobs.

Restoring Forests

Strengthening our forests to capture emissions.

Innovation Investments

Investing in innovations that fight climate change.

100% Clean Electricity

Activating opportunities to reduce industrial emissions.

Carbon Tax

Reducing emissions and driving investments in clean tech.

Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency across the province.

Five Pipeline Conditions

Standing firm to ensure all new pipeline projects are sustainable.

Innovating to Drive Global GHG Reductions

Supplying Clean LNG

Reducing global emissions by supplying clean energy.

Cleaner Transportation

Helping the world clean up transportation.

Clean Tech

Exporting clean tech to global markets.

Innovation Hub

Fostering innovation to help the world reduce emissions.

45% Methane Reduction Strategy

Becoming one of the world’s cleanest LNG producers.

Policy Leadership

Showing the world a path forward for climate action policies.